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New Container Cranes PBAI Inspected in Saudi Arabia

PBA International provides testing and inspection services for new marine and port related equipment throughout the world. We provide Quality Assurance for Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical processes, as well as Coatings systems. We ensure compliance with Quality Assurance requirements of the Project and verify compliance of materials and/or work in accordance with applicable codes, reviewed/accepted drawings, specifications and proper work practices.

PBA International provides structural inspections including visual checks on the quality of structural steel, verification of steel material, witness fracture tests on major structural items and review the procedure for material traceability. We verify welders are qualified and correct welding procedures are followed. Also, we verify material preparation, cutting, fit-up, and welding are in compliance. Finally, we verify non-destructive testing personnel are qualified, witness non-destructive examinations of ultra-sonic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant testing and review radiographs, and conduct final checks on the quality of welds, painting, installation of substructures, etc.

PBA International provides mechanical inspections including conducting visual checks on the quality of brakes, gears, reducers and hydraulic components. We check assembly and mounting of mechanical assemblies as well as the material surface preparation and coatings to verify proper application. Also, we witness no load shop tests on reducers, hydraulic systems, and subassemblies.

What We Provide to Our Clients

PBA International provides electrical inspections, including visual checks on the quality of materials for motors and other electrical components. We verify electrical wiring for proper installation and termination and witness high tension and insulation tests. In addition we verify limit switches and that similar safety components comply with approved specifications, drawings, and design review meeting agreements. We will also witness no load shop tests of motors.

PBA International provides coating inspections, which includes visual checks on the quality of materials as well as determination of the absence of lead. We verify painters are qualified and the correct applications are followed, such as climatic conditions, surface preparation, et cetera. We monitor abrasion tests and dry film thickness tests and provide random testing.

PBA International will also verify testing and commissioning of equipment, at the manufacturer’s and end-user’s site, for final acceptance requirements. PBA International has developed detailed inspection and test plans (ITP) and performance testing and checkout manuals to be used for record keeping purposes and to assure that all performance tests have been properly executed, completed, and have achieved the intended goals.


We verify that all applicable criteria/features are incorporated in the testing documents and tested, such that when our Client receives our final reports, they are assured that a completely commissioned crane has been delivered for final acceptance.

PBA International also can provide expediting services to our clients which includes the monitoring of the project’s progress from material purchasing/design finalization to final assembly and delivery. Throughout, PBAI will provide in depth reporting of a project progress with easy to use reports, tools, and pictures, to insure our clients receive their correct order on time.

New Container Crane Erection
Container Crane Erection
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